Maid for You

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VLD Fanbook - Shiro/Keith (Sheith) - 18+ Rating
(All Characters depicted are aged 18 or above)

Pre-orders will be open until March 10th


After being roped into helping as waitstaff in an alien maid cafe Shiro and Keith find themselves with a rare moment alone in the dressing room. Keith's not going to let an opportunity like this pass him by.

36 pages - size A5 - Color cover/B&W Interior
Includes a 3" sticker only available with the book
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Update: For people who don't follow twitter
Books have been sent out for print, I am waiting on them to come in so pre-orders can be sent! Apologies for all delays :(

Update 2: First Printer gave me the run around so I've had to switch printers, I'm hoping to have them in hand and fully shipped out by the end of Aug./ Very early Sept. Thank you so much for your patience.

Update 3: Second printer has told me they have delays and have promised that I will have books in hand before the end of October. o(-<

Update 4: Books received with some massive errors (mainly pages being upside down) sending the books back so they can be reprinted

Update 5: Corrected books have been shipped, and I'm just waiting on customs? o(-<

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